WHY: Increased interest in career exploration is due to the Department of Education’s focus on the sixteen career clusters at the middle school level.

WHO: The National Exploring Office has responded by creating new and innovative co-educational Middle School Explorer Club programs for students in 6th, 7th or 8th grades.

WHAT: The Clubs offer an array of options. One popular choice features interaction with professionals from across several career fields including STEM. Another option is to focus on only one specific career field such as law enforcement.

WHEN: Clubs typically meet either bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the choice of the participating organization.

WHERE: Meetings may take place at schools, places of business or community organization offices.

HOW: All programs include both in-school and out-of-school activities, plus hands-on experiences. Programs include sessions from the two Career Exploration Books designed to supplement the school curriculum. In addition, local Exploring Posts can provide mentors for Clubs

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